From the foreword: “The editors of this volume are to be applauded for putting together in a liberating manner the themes of Phenomenology and Transcendence, within an interdisciplinary setting, stimulating articles from the new men and women of culture, under the perspective of Revelation, to pursue that search for the Truth, at the service of the human person whose daily reality cannot but be engaged within the Transcendent.” – Paul Cardinal Poupard, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture

“This book shows that the presence of God in faith can more deeply reveal his distinctive hiddenness and unknowability, his way of being present and absent to us. The essays begin with the phenomenology of Husserl and Heidegger and touch on almost every major thinker of the 20th century, with reference also to several medieval writers. They engage in both commentary and exploration, and discuss words and images, aesthetics and mathematics, belief and unbelief. The collection offers us the state of the question for current postmodern approaches in Christian theology. It is encyclopedic and provocative.” - Msgr. Robert Sokolowski, Professor of Philosophy, Catholic University of America

“Is there a better way to pay tribute to the elusive forms in which transcendence manifests itself than to celebrate it with many different voices? Reading this book I truly enjoyed the surprising harmony of its polyphony, and its incredibly stimulating content. Accounting for religious phenomena such as a listening to what cannot be seen, as a faith in an absolute promise, as an existing at the borders of the world, as a subjective facticity redeemed by love, as the humanity of Christ, as an iconic manifestation of God and as a prayer of adoration, all of this pushes phenomenology to the edge and is thus most likely to contribute to its profound renewal.” – Professor Rudolf Bernet, Director, Husserl Archives, Leuven

“This is an excellent collection of essays, rich in background and engaging discussions that issue from phenomenologically inspired thought and contemporary theological concerns. Addressing philosophical and religious notions of transcendence, Transcendence and Phenomenology explores the central questions that emerge from such a dialogue, while taking up the leading figures who give them voice.” – Anthony J. Steinbock, Professor of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

“A major contribution to phenomenological philosophy of religion and theology, it is exciting to come across so many excellent articles on such important topics. The explicit questions of religious experience and faith, the relationship between philosophy, especially phenomenological philosophy, and faith receive attention that is long overdue. I find it especially satisfying that the subject matter of the volume’s essays reach back to the first- and second-generation of phenomenology, but also embraces the third, fourth, and fifth ones. And in the work of Conor Cunningham and that of John Milbank, we find the proto-phenomenology of some of the medieval, foremost, St. Thomas, at last permitted to come to the microphone.” – James G. Hart, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University, Religious Studies and Philosophy Adjunct

“Transcendence, at the heart of Western philosophy since Plato, received renewed attention in phenomenology, which is sometimes misleadingly presented as the philosophy of immanence. For phenomenology, transcendence reveals itself in and through immanence. Religious experience, the experience of the other, the nature of objectivity, excessive phenomena of all kinds, are understood in phenomenology as unique forms of givenness, where the traces of transcendence can be encountered and limned. In this groundbreaking collection, phenomenology and transcendence are thought together in exciting and insightful new ways. These essays in this volume are essential reading for anyone interested in the religious turn in phenomenology.” - Professor Dermot Moran, Professor of Philosophy, UCD School of Philosophy