"Not since the writings of Teilhard de Chardin has there been a book of such awe-inspiring depth and scope as Kagawa's. He has produced a magnificently sustained argument for purposefulness in the universe. It is a single-minded pursuit of one theme that brings together an amazing array of scientific discoveries and an original blend of the human and ethical dimensions." — Eric Scerri, University of California, Los Angeles

"Cosmic Purpose is an extraordinary example of how religion and natural sciences complement each other. In its endeavor to provide a coherent answer to the question of whether the universe has a purpose, this book is sure to ignite theological and philosophical debate." — Luis X. L�pez-Farjeat, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City

"The history of science contains certain key books that stand above all others for their importance in shaping the public debate. One book of enormous intellectual beauty that until now has been unknown in Western circles is Kagawa Toyohiko's Cosmic Purpose, a monumental attempt to reconcile a respect for religion with a respect for science. The result is a deeply thoughtful and thought-provoking text, arguably even more relevant in the twenty-first century." — Michael Graziano, Princeton University, New Jersey